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This is a page for collecting questions and answers to assist with navigating, contributing to or otherwise understanding clc-wiki. This page is anonymously editable so that questions can be posed as well as answered.

1 Where can I get an overview of clc-wiki?

Project:Overview and Project:Roadmap, and possibly (depending on your interest) Project:Config and Project:Policies, the four of which are collected for listing within Category:clc-wiki-overview pages.

2 What can I do to help fight spam on the clc-wiki?

Revert the spam yourself and add suggestions for URLs to be blocked to Talk:Spam_blacklist.

3 What software and hardware is clc-wiki running on?

MediaWiki with customisations and extensions, on an Apache webserver, on a CentOS Linux x86-based server.

For details see Project:Config:Wiki, Project:Config:Apache and Project:Config.

3.1 Can we use something else?

Alternatives are possible; we'd need to be able to easily migrate current content unless the alternative had pretty compelling advantages.

4 What's unique about editing wiki-text? Where can I find out about it?

It evolved as a beginner-friendly editing syntax. For details see Help:Editing.

5a How can I get a new article or redirect to show up in the treeview?

Generally it should be as simple as naming it appropriately - i.e. a colon-separated title - and saving the new page. There are exceptions because the MediaWiki:Treeview configuration page makes use of the pruneleafs parameter and of the PRUNE directive. Sometimes this configuration page will need to be edited directly (a sysop-only task, so leaving a note on the relevant discussion page or the site forum is a good approach to take - future versions of the treeview might allow for per-page configuration). If the page does not exist and you do not wish to create it and instead want a red-link for it to appear in the treeview, then the answer is to have a noprune, node.import or node directive (whichever's the best fit) for it added to the MediaWiki:Treeview configuration page.

5b How can I prevent a new article or redirect from showing up in the treeview?

Generally by having a prune directive for it added to the MediaWiki:Treeview configuration page (a sysop-only task - the same advice as in the answer above applies). In some cases it might not even show up in the first place if it's already covered by a pruning or if it's in a part of the namespace that hasn't been imported - for example the default namespace's import uses the pruneleafs parameter so that top-level articles aren't listed in the treeview unless they have child nodes themselves.

6 How can I get underscores in an article title to display correctly?

By having the title added to MediaWiki:Treeview#Remap (a sysop-only task - the same advice as in the answer above applies). This won't affect the title's appearance in skins other than Treeview, but this shouldn't be a problem given that Treeview is the default skin. It also won't affect the title's appearance in the "tooltips" (i.e. the "title" html attribute) of auto-generated links in page content or in other MediaWiki-core-generated titles such as in page listings under Special:Allpages, unless that support has been added by the time that you read this.

7 Where can I report a bug, copyright violation or spam, make a suggestion or feature request, or generally discuss clc-wiki and its content as a reader or editor?

Project:Feedback; for bug reports and feature requests: Project_talk:Config:Wiki.

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