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Chapter 6 - Structures

Ex No Pg No Exercise Solution Solved by
1 136

Our version of getword does not properly handle underscores, string constants, comments, or preprocessor control lines. Write a better version.

Listing krx601 Ben Pfaff
2 143

Write a program that reads a C program and prints in alphabetical order each group of variable names that are identical in the first 6 characters but different somewhere thereafter. Don't count words within strings and comments. Make 6 a parameter that can be set from the command line.

Listing krx602 Akil Adeshwar, Barrett Drawdy, Alex Hoang, blob84
3 143

Write a cross-referencer that prints a list of all words in a document, and, for each word, a list of the line numbers on which it occurs. Remove noise words like "the," "and," and so on.

Listing krx603 Richard Heathfield
4 143

Write a program that prints the distinct words in its input sorted into decreasing order of frequency of occurrence. Precede each word by its count.

Listing krx604 Bryan Williams
5 145

Write a function undef that will remove a name and definition from the table maintained by lookup and install .

Listing krx605 Paul Griffiths, Gregory Pietsch
6 145

Implement a simple version of the #define processor (i.e., no arguments) suitable for use with C programs, based on the routines of this section. You may also find getch and ungetch helpful.

Listing krx606 Akil Adeshwar, Barrett Drawdy
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