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Chapter 7 - Input and Output

Ex No Pg No Exercise Solution Solved by
1 153

Write a program that converts upper case to lower or lower case to upper, depending on the name it is invoked with, as found in argv[0].

Listing krx701 Richard Heathfield, Bryan Williams
2 155

Write a program that will print arbitrary input in a sensible way. As a minimum, it should print non-graphic characters in octal or hexadecimal according to local custom, and break long text lines.

Listing krx702 Richard Heathfield
3 156

Revise minprintf to handle more of the facilities of printf .

Listing krx703 Gregory Pietsch
4 159

Write a private version of scanf analogous to minprintf from the previous section.

Listing krx704 Thomas Amundsen
5 159

Rewrite the postfix calculator of Chapter 4 to use scanf and/or sscanf to do the input and number conversion.

Listing krx705 Toni Romic
6 165

Write a program to compare two files, printing the first line where they differ.

Listing krx706 Rick Dearman, Flippant Squirrel
7 165

Modify the pattern finding program of Chapter 5 to take its input from a set of named files or, if no files are named as arguments, from the standard input. Should the file name be printed when a matching line is found?

Listing krx707 Barrett Drawdy
8 165

Write a program to print a set of files, starting each new one on a new page, with a title and a running page count for each file.

Listing krx708 Steven Huang
9 168

Functions like isupper can be implemented to save space or to save time. Explore both possibilities.

Listing krx709 Gregory Pietsch
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