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This page provides justifications for the proposals on how this wiki shall work as documented on the decisions page. Now that the voting extension exists these pages are redundant and historical.


1) The general licence covering the content of the wiki shall be the GNU FDL

The only other licence briefly considered was the Creative Commons licence, but GNU FDL seems to provide the features we would like. It allows copying, redistributing and publishing the content, as long as the original authors and the source of the content is stated. Also, it allows copying of hard-copies.

2) Code snippets contributed to the wiki shall be licenced as public domain

A more restrictive licence is unnecessary for small bits of code.

3) Non-trivial code may be licenced under a licence of the originating contributor's choosing. Such code shall be placed on a separate page with a clear indication that its licence differs from that of the rest of the wiki.

Non-trivial code may already be licenced, in which case the contributor may not wish to change the licence. Separating this content from the rest of the wiki whose content is differently licenced will avoid confusion.

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