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Only c89 functions are listed here at the moment, though some c99 ones made it in

The single function before the : should be the actual page, all functions to the right should redirect to it and be documented by it.

The rest of this page is formatted to be able to serve as input to a script, since creating a script to create all not-yet-already-existing pages has been suggested.

isctype: isalnum isalpha iscntrl isdigit isgraph islower isprint ispunct isupper isxdigit 
toupper: tolower
acos: acosf
# etc...
log: log10
floor: ceil round

longjmp: setjmp

raise: abort
# should abort be with 'exit' instead?

stdarg: va_start va_arg va_end va_copy
# i picked this name based on the fact that it's what unix calls the manpage
# and it's not clear which function is "primary".

tmpfile: tmpnam
fopen: freopen
setbuf: setvbuf
fprintf: printf sprintf snprintf vprintf vfprintf vsprintf vsnprintf
fscanf: scanf sscanf vscanf vsscanf vfscanf
getc: getchar fgetc ungetc
putc: putchar fputc
fgets: gets
fputs: puts
fseek: ftell setpos fgetpos rewind
feof: ferror clearerr
errno: perror strerror
strtol: strtoul atoi atol
strtod: atof
rand: srand
malloc: calloc realloc free
exit: atexit _Exit
# getenv: make sure to make some note about the common extensions
#         setenv, putenv, environ
# system: might be an appropriate place to mention the popen extension

# should bsearch and qsort be on the same page? a lot of the same issues apply 
# to them, especially caveats about the comparator functions
abs: labs
div: ldiv

# How should we group wide and multibyte functions vs their single-byte and/or 
# mb-agnostic char equivalents? I'm leaving mb?* and wc?* alone for now

# I'm going to hold off on string.h since a lot of it is already 
# documented and any merging will have to be done manually anyway

# time.h? unix manpages group ctime: difftime asctime localtime gmtime mktime, 
# but i'm not sure this is best. Probably at least all functions that deal with 
# struct tm should be documented in one place, or the structure _itself_ should 
# be documented and linked from them

Standard_Streams: stdin stdout stderr
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