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Server x86-based machine running CentOS release 6.6 (Final)
Location UK, in a datacentre
Administration Privately rented and administered server of FlashGordon.
IP address
Web-serving software Apache with documented configuration, integrated with PHP - configuration undocumented, version appears at Special:Version
Database server MySQL - configuration undocumented, version appears at Special:Version
Wiki software MediaWiki with documented extensions and configuration
Domain name clc-wiki.net is registered with Aplus.Net by Laird (aka Netocrat). Aplus.Net are also providing DNS through a control panel accessible only to the registrant: means of providing shared access are being investigated - probably this will involve shifting DNS to an alternate provider (and leaving registration as-is). A fully democratic solution for both domain-name registration and DNS access and re-pointing would be ideal - as yet a provider able or willing to support this has not been found (and clc-wiki's democratic organisation hasn't been sorted out yet either)


MediaWiki supports several types of caching and clc-wiki makes use of many of them; in addition clc-wiki makes use of PHP-code caching to reduce the time required to interpret each request. The following pieces of software are installed to support this strategy:

  • APC; version 3.1.9
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