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Welcome to clc-wiki, an offshoot of the comp.lang.c newsgroup. Good places to start are the introduction to comp.lang.c and the about page for this wiki.


In various stages of completeness, this wiki's content consists of C community and resources sections, a C library reference manual, a C language reference manual including terms and concepts, a C tutorial, a set of solutions to the exercises in Kernighan and Ritchie's "The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition", a section devoted to C standardisation and a C style section. The Project:Overview page has more details.


  • Wed 17 Feb 2016: Due to heavy spamming of new pages, users now need to be added to the "trusted" group before they can create either pages or talk pages. Please message Laird if you would like me to add you.
  • Wed 21 Oct 2015: The MediaWiki software running this site has been upgraded to version 1.25.3 (an earlier upgrade to 1.24.2 was not documented). As always, please let us know of any problems you encounter.
  • Fri 28 Nov 2014: The MediaWiki software running this site has been upgraded to version 1.24.0. Please let us know of any problems you encounter.
  • Mon 21 Jan 2013: The MediaWiki software running this site has been upgraded, and the site has moved to a new server. Please let us know of any problems you encounter.
  • Mon 9 July 2012: Spammers are targetting the site - to try to reduce this, email confirmation of new user accounts is now required.
  • Sat 7 July 2012: A bug in a custom anti-spam-registration extension has been fixed - this bug had been preventing the creation of new accounts for some time now, which may partly explain the lack of activity on this wiki of late.
  • Tue 16 March 2010: The upgrade is now complete - please let us know of any configuration problems that you notice. The Project:Config:Wiki page will be updated shortly.
  • Mon 15 March 2010: A long overdue upgrade to the MediaWiki software that runs this wiki is planned to occur from approximately 00:30, 16 March 2010 UTC. All going well, the site will be offline for a short time only.
  • Thu 5 April 2007: The upgrade is complete so no further outages are expected. server administrator.
  • Thu 5 April 2007: Possible outage. The server will be upgraded from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora Core 6 over the Easter weekend. I will be doing a live update rather than a rebuild, so in theory there should be minimal outage, but it is possible it could take longer if I hit problems. server administrator.
  • Sat 27 January 2007: Email addresses are now available as a full service, you will get <username>@clc-wiki.net unless you convince us you should have something else. You can either have a forwarding email address or a hosted one, your choice. Contact the server administrator or Netocrat for your free email account today!
  • Sat 27 January 2007: After a long absense due to failed internet connectivity the wiki is now back and hosted on a real server in a real data center, so we should have no more long outages. This server is being paid for by Mark (Flash) Gordon and acts as a server for a few other things as well.
  • Fri 7 July 2006: A trial of email forwarding is now available from <username> @ clc-wiki.net for those who want it. Contact the server administrator through this site if you want it set up, I suggest editing my talk page if you want it, and I will email you to verify that the email address is yours. I need to ensure both the Wiki username the email address are your to prevent abuse! My plan is that if people don't start overloading my server or internet connection I'll keep this service running.
  • Tue 4 July 2006: The web server the Wiki runs on has been having some overheating problems in the hot weather we have had in the UK recently. The server has now been relocated to where it should maintain a better temperature and with luck it won't shut down unexpectedly again.
  • Mon 26 June 2006: The wiki's back to its home hosting again. Its new default skin is Treeview. Any issues can be raised on Planning_Talk:Treeview skin or Planning:Treeview skin:Feedback. A recapitalisation and retitling script was run; it's job is incomplete: there are quite a few misleading red-links in page content that require correction due to the change of the project namespace from "Clc" to "clc-wiki" (best in links is the generic form "Project"). A few other glitches also need to be fixed up.
  • Wed 21 June 2006: If anyone has reservations about the treeview skin being set as the default skin on this wiki and content being adjusted to suit this default (mostly this involves renaming articles so that their titles are "directory-like", using a colon instead of the / or \ of the POSIX and DOS/MS-windows filesystems respectively), then now's a good time to express them. If not, this change will probably occur when the site returns to its usual host - with any luck in a few days' time. It's currently possible to give the skin a trial run if you have an account by selecting it in your preferences, but be aware that it'll run a lot slower than usual because caching support for it isn't set up on the temporary host.
  • Sun 18 Jun 2006: The wiki's running under a temporary hosting scheme. Murphy's law struck - the site's admin has been away and on the first day of his absence the site stopped responding. Kudos to the community-minded folks at SDF (freeshell.org) for their quick response - setup was almost instantaneous. Not all is as it was under the temporary hosting - urls aren't as friendly (/wiki no longer works); and the last few edits (one to this page and a couple to the treeview page) weren't backed up. Things should be back to normal in a week or so when our absent admin blazes back; there might be a few glitches until then.
  • Wed 10 May 2006: The treeview skin has been installed on the test server; feedback and bug reports can also be left without login. The latest version of the voting extension has also been installed on the test server.
  • Wed 4 May 2006: Upgraded site to mediawiki 1.5.8
  • Sat 22 April 2006: screenshots and a description of a proposed new default skin for this wiki have been posted
  • Thu 30 March 2006: Bad behavior version 1.2.4 is now installed on both live and test sites with a mod so that passwords are not logged. Please report any problems to the server administrator.
  • Thu 30 March 2006: the spamblacklist software is now tested and installed. The list of blocked URLs is at Spam blacklist which should be kept protected. This should only be used for real spam, not to block people from adding links to their home pages or to C related sites else where.
  • Wed 29 March 2006: the test wiki site is undergoing major maintenance including being upgraded to mediawiki 1.5.8 and will therefore be sporadically unavailable until this is complete.
  • Mon 24 March 2006: the few hours of recent unscheduled downtime were due to a problem with the server that's now been fixed. There's also a new template to base standard library articles on and some discussion of its intended short-term usage.
  • Mon 20 March 2006: a set of policies and conventions have been added for discussion, partly in response to a recent copyright problem; the navigation sidebar has changed to include a link to those policies as well as new links to roadmap, overview and feedback pages.
  • Wed 8 March 2006: due to what looks like a series of spambot edits, preventive measures will shortly be taken; if the measures catch you then please email the server administrator. The measures to be taken are installation of bad behaviour and Spam Blacklist, to occur as soon as testing is complete. Bad behavior attempts to automatically block spambots although we first have to ensure that its logging does not include passwords and Spam Blacklist will allow sysops to add URLs to a blacklist against which content of pages to be saved will be checked.
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