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c.l.c, C and programming

I began reading/posting to the comp.lang.c newsgroup in 2005, became more selective during 2006, in 2007 became a very occasional reader, and in later years have stopped following clc altogether. Prior to reading comp.lang.c I hadn't investigated the provisions of the C Standard although I'd always considered portability to be important. I've been programming on and off in C since 1995, although never as a paid professional. Most of my professional programming has been in Borland Delphi and PHP, but I've used a few other languages professionally (and more in the course of studies and spare time).

The idea of a comp.lang.c wiki seems very worthwhile to me and helping to plan, develop, add content to and administer it is a means of contributing to a newsgroup community from which I've gained a lot of insight.


You can contact me through my home page.

Past pseudonym

My username on this wiki was "Netocrat" until I decided it was preferable to use my real name rather than to hide behind a pseudonym.

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