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This article maps full FAQ wordings to one-line paraphrasings that can be used consistently throughout the wiki - see also Project:Policies#Referencing_the_FAQ.

When creating a paraphrasing:

  • cut out code unless it's essential to the question and reduce multi-line blocks to single-line
  • format code within <code></code> tags
  • ensure that it fits on a single line for reasonable display widths.


FAQ 17.11 reads:

People always say that good style is important, but when they go out of their way to use clear techniques and make their programs readable, they seem to end up with less efficient programs. Since efficiency is so important, isn't it necessary to sacrifice some style and readability?

This can be paraphrased as:

Which is more important: efficiency or style and readability?

Section 1

1.3 Using system-specific typedefs like int16, int32. That should solve everything, right?

1.5 What's wrong with this declaration? char* p1, p2;

1.6 What's wrong with this code? char *p; *p = malloc(10);

1.14 I can't seem to define a linked list successfully. Can't a structure in C contain a pointer to itself?

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