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Why repeat parts of what's already been comprehensively documented at Wikipedia:Help:Editing? If your answer is, to get a quick idea of what's been most used on clc-wiki to date and to document any local configuration affecting editing, then read on.

There's also a detailed MediaWiki user guide on WikiMedia's meta site that includes a description of all wiki formatting directives.

Toolbar shortcuts

If you have a graphical browser, there's probably a blue toolbar visible above the edit box that provides some handy shortcuts - check them out first.

Quick introduction

As a quick and very incomplete introduction - some of the markup described below has more options, see the user guide for complete details - wikitext has the following characteristics:

  • paragraphs are inserted automatically when a blank line is encountered
  • indented text is treated as a block quote (in html terms, it's enclosed in <pre></pre>)
  • ordered and unordered lists use * and #, with multiple levels possible by using more symbols
  • headings use (on a single line) == Heading Text == - use more equals signs for lower heading levels
    • headings are automatically numbered and a table of contents is automatically generated for pages with 4 or more headings - a custom patch for this wiki supports disabling numbering using the __NOTOCNUM__ directive.
  • links to internal pages use [[Page_Title]] or, for pages not in the main namespace, [[Namespace:Page_Title]]
  • links to external pages use [http://site.name.here/dir/page.html This text displayed as link label]
  • bold and italics use '''bolded text''' and ''italicised text''
  • tables use a multi-line syntax starting the table with {|, starting new rows with |-, starting a new cell with | (or with || to separate cells on a single line) and ending the table with |}.


This wiki is set up to accept html formatting as well as wiki alternatives, so e.g. <b>text</b> is accepted as equivalent to '''text'''; likewise for tables, lists, etc; however non-formatting tags will be rejected.


To add a page to a category, insert a link to the relevant category to the (by convention, bottom of the) page. For example, to include a page under the category, KR2 Solutions, add the following code to the bottom of that page:


To include a direct link to a category without including the page in the category, prepend a colon to the link:

[[:Category:KR2 Solutions]]

The category page itself can be edited to indicate its intended purpose; a sorted list of pages it contains is automatically generated - at present it's not possible to affect the displayed titles of the listings although alternate sorting is possible (see the user guide).

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