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Chapter 8 - The UNIX System Interface

Please note: these solutions use the Unix system interface, so they're not portable. nevertheless, they're in K&R, so they appear here despite their inherent non-portability. in any case, they will become portable as soon as everyone's using unix, as God intended.

Ex No Pg No Exercise Solution Solved by
1 174

Rewrite the program cat from Chapter 7 using read , write , open and close instead of their standard library equivalents. Perform experiments to determine the relative speeds of the two versions.

Listing krx801 Andrew Tesker
2 178

Rewrite fopen and _fillbuf with fields instead of explicit bit operations. Compare code size and execution speed.

Listing krx802 Akil Adeshwar
3 179

Design and write _flushbuf , fflush and fclose .

Listing krx803 Gregory Pietsch
4 179

The standard library function

 int fseek(FILE *fp, long offset, int origin)

is identical to lseek except that fp is a file pointer instead of a file descriptor and the return value is an int status, not a position. Write fseek . Make sure that your fseek coordinates properly with the buffering done for the other functions of the library.

Listing krx804 Gregory Pietsch
5 184

Modify the fsize program to print the other information contained in the inode entry.

Listing krx805 Akil Adeshwar
6 189

The standard library function calloc(n,size) returns a pointer to n objects of size size , with the storage initialized to zero. Write calloc , by calling malloc or by modifying it.

Listing krx806 Bryan Williams
7 189

malloc accepts a size request without checking its plausibility; free believes that the block it is asked to free contains a valid size field. Improve these routines so they take more pains with error checking.

Listing krx807 Sophia Gold
8 189

Write a routine bfree(p,n) that will free an arbitrary block p of n characters into the free list maintained by malloc and free . By using bfree , a user can add a static or external array to the free list at any time.

Listing krx808 Author unknown
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