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GeSHi is a syntax highlighting engine written in PHP by Nigel McNie and used on clc-wiki. As well as styling code it supports hyper-linking elements of the code for reference. The current stable version of GeSHi is the 1.0.7.x series. Development is progressing on the 1.2.x series, currently in alpha as 1.1.x; clc-wiki's test server is trialling and periodically updating this development code; likewise the live server albeit less frequently.

Nigel has agreed for the C language support for the new series to be maintained at this wiki.

This means that bug reports, patches, suggestions and feedback for anything C-specific in GeSHi are best posted on this page. It also means that Nigel has offered to provide CVS access to the C-specific parts of GeSHi for contributors to this wiki who are also interested in contributing to GeSHi's C highlighting.

Bug reports and other feedback

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